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The Bail Process

The following scenario is typical for people arrested in Vermont. Please keep in mind that each case is different, and that prior arrest records, number of people being processed at the correctional facility and current events at the jail will impact the amount of time required for processing.

Please call Bill at Advantage Bail Bonds as quickly as possible after the arrest or arraignment has taken place for fastest service. There may be substantial time delays before the individual who's been arrested may be allowed to make a call, so it is best if you call Bill as soon as possible so he can begin to gather information about the case. Advantage Bail Bonds has bondsman available 365 days a year, serving every court and correctional facility in the state.

To begin the bail process, the following information is needed:

  • The name of the person who's been arrested;
  • Where they are being held;
  • What they have been charged with;
  • The total amount of the bail bond;
  • The name of the person posting the bail and their phone number.

From that point, Bill will contact either the correctional facility or the court for case information.

Each bail bond requires an “indemnitor” or “co-signer”. Advantage Bail Bonds generally requires either a family member or employer to serve as the “indemnitor” or guarantor for the bond.

Vermont is a 10% bail state, which means that all reputable bail bond companies will charge a 10% premium or fee to post the bail bond. In some cases, the bail bond company might ask for additional collateral to be held by the bail bond company for the duration of the case. Collateral, usually in the form of cash, is returned when the defendant successfully ends their case. In some cases, usually larger or more risky bonds, the bail bond company may require a mortgage be recorded on real estate as a condition to obtain a bond, or that the defendant be required to wear an ankle GPS bracelet.

Advantage Bail Bond agents will meet you at either the courthouse or the correctional facility to post the bond. If court is open, we are required to post the bond at the courthouse. If court is closed, we post the bond at the correctional facility. In most cases, the process takes about an hour to complete the application, post the bond and get the defendant released.

See the FAQ page for definitions of terms used in this section.

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